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EDUE - LPE 58 -  stampante termica da pannello - [EN] Industrial panel printers.


LPE 58 thermal panel printer is the ideal solution for applications in: electrotherapeutic, measurement instruments, weighing systems and automation. Paper width 58 mm, available in white and grey, interfaces RS232/TTL/ Centronics.

Extremely small thermal impact printer. It allows, in spite of its dimensions, using paper roll with a diameter up to 40 mm. Paper loading is extremely easy thanks to the paper-presser roll in the lid. The fixing system with quick-releasing clamps make this printer suitable to be mounted on panels of various thickness with simple movements and without the aid of tools.

The set of commands is particularly comprehensive, so that it is quite easy to integrate the printer in the application it is conceived for. Different interfaces (serial and parallel) with hardware or software flow control, together with the easy assembling and usage, make this printer particularly versatile and apt for multiple applications


LPE 58 thermal panel printer

  • Tear bar on the printer’s body
  • Printing area 48mm
  • Luminous button for line feed, autotest, reset to default serial/parallel, errors’ coding
  • Possibility to configurate the printer’s parameters through specific command or PC interface (HyperTerminal)
  • Compatible with models Edue Alfapanel3, Beta1 and with some of the most common models on the market
  • Quick-fastening fixing clamps, suitable for fixing on panels of different thickness.



  • Industrial & Service Automation
  • Medical
  • Instrumentation


Technical datas:

  • Printing method: Thermal printing
  • Printing direction:
    - Data
    - Text
  • Print quality:
    - Low consumes, low speed, excellent print quality
    - High consumes, high speed and good print quality
  • Printing mechanism: Axiohm Electron 58
  • Resolution: 384 dot/line (corresponding to 203 dpi)
  • Print width: 48mm
  • Columns: 24/40
  • Default character set: ASCII standard, international
  • Supported codebars:
    - Interleved 2/5
    - Code 39
    - CodaBar
    - EAN8
    - EAN13
  • Baud rate: 1200÷115200 bps
  • Graphic Memory: Possibility to download in memory a graphic logo 384x256 dots (256 lines) put è download
  • Sensors:
    - Paper empty
    - Head temperature
  • Paper features:
    - Type: thermal
    - Roll width: 58mm
    - Roll diameter: 40mm
    - Thickness: max 60g/m²
  • Power supply:
    - Base model: 5VDC (logic power supply) - 4÷8,5VDC (head power supply)
    - Expanded power model: 10,5÷36 VDC (logic and head power supply)
  • Interfaces:
    - TTL serial
    - Serial RS232 C
    - Handshake Centronics Parallel
  • Dimensions:
    - H75 x W80 x D41mm (overall dimensions)
    - H71.5xW76.5 (panel dimensions)
  • Installation: Panel Fixing: Plastic clips fixing


Table of models, accessories and ordering codes

Table of models, accessories and ordering codes